Frate Night IV | Mural Walk

Is your Instagram feed really complete if you don’t have a photo in front of one of Raleigh’s many trendy murals? Probably not.

Raleigh is speckled with murals from the streets of downtown to the ‘burbs. The Raleigh Murals Project has conveniently put most of the city’s murals on an interactive map on their website so you can take yourself on a tour.

We spent a Sunday afternoon rolling around on some old-school roller blades and exploring the murals downtown. I carry the strong conviction that if you want to see a city, any city, venturing street by street on foot (or bike or skates) is the best way. The mural map offers a brilliant road map for exploring Raleigh from the warehouse district to Glenwood South to City Market and East Raleigh.

So check out our city and see some dope murals along the way! You’ll find the mural map here.  When you take the Insta photos that I know you will take, be sure to tag us

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