Lift 6,000 lbs in Ten Minutes

My take on cardio: I do not enjoy spending time on treadmills/ellipticals/stationary bikes. IMO, machines are boring and I prefer more interesting conditioning work (I won’t go into an explanation of cardio vs. conditioning yet because that takes more time/space than I have).

If you hate the normal sweat machines at the gym as much as I do, then you should consider incorporating the complex below to get stronger and leaner.

What is a complex? A complex is a series of movements that are completed consecutively. Finish all prescribed reps for the row before progressing to the overhead press and so on. The barbell should not leave your hands until you have completed all four movements for six reps each.

You will need barbell and some weights. A full-size barbell will work best.


Knock out a couple rows and presses with the empty bar, then shoulder the bar and perform a few lunges and squats. Stretch out anything that feels tight.

Add weight after the warm-up, but keep it on the lighter side. You will need to be able to press the weight overhead at least six times.

6000 lb. is five rounds of this complex with a 50 lb. barbell. If, like me, you use a substantially heavier bar, then you will move substantially more weight.

Barbell Complex:

  1. 6 reps Barbell Rows
  2. 6 reps Barbell Overhead Presses
  3. 6 reps Barbell Lunges
  4. 6 reps Barbell Back Squats

Perform five rounds of the complex with good form. Rest one minute between rounds.

Cool Down:

When you have finished, stretch out again and decide what worked for you and what didn’t, then make a plan for how you will use this workout next time.

*The inspiration for this workout comes from strength coach Dan John

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