Burn 100 Calories in 5 Minutes

Oh man. The first month of 2018 has come and gone. Many of us started off the new year with the obligatory statement, “new year, new me,” specifically in regards to our fitness goals. However, studies show that by the second week of February, 80% of new year resolutions fail.* Yep, just let that sink in for a bit. If you’re like me, you are thinking, “I should just give up now, right?” Wrong. There is still time to make your resolution happen, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a setback or two (or three) along the way. If anything, you have figured out what doesn’t work for you.

Maybe you don’t have the time to go to the gym. Maybe you don’t have the financial means for the gym. Maybe you don’t have any idea what to do at all to reach your goals. That’s okay, I promise you are not alone. I found this great post on Pinterest almost three years ago, and if I ever find myself low on time or patience with my current workout routine, it’s my go to. Four easy exercises that work your entire body. So for those of you that want to kick it back into gear and get on track with your fitness, here is a quick and easy workout that can be done anywhere, takes no time, and requires no equipment.


The Workout

I call it the 50-100-5: 50 moves that burn 100 calories in 5 minutes.

  1. 40 Jumping Jacks
  2. 30 Sit-ups or Crunches
  3. 20 Squats
  4. 10 Push-ups

Bam! That’s it. Seriously. If this is too easy and you have more time, challenge yourself and do it three-five times through. No more excuses. Good luck and have fun!


Original Link: https://thrivestrive.com/burn-100-calories/

*Article for the resolution killing statistic: http://www.businessinsider.com/new-years-resolutions-courses-2016-12/#time-management-2



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